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One Eye Closed

by Lack The Low

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Phew, this album surely is demanding - but that's one thing that makes it stand out! There are numerous others as well. What I like most about Kat Hunter's music is that it never proceeds as expected. A musical theme might start to develop, but in the next moment it takes a different path. Symphonic brass and woodwind arrangements evolve throughout the album, but not the way we are used to. It's not just a new album by a new artist - it's a new approach to contemporary music, too. Favorite track: Progress.
ddb thumbnail
ddb This albums sport some very impressive orchestration. A very strong compositional voice. It has a feeling of relentlessness that I can't quite describe. Real good. great arrangements. good stuff.
ogunhe thumbnail
ogunhe Progress. Just what I needed to hear at the right time I needed to hear it. Can't stop messing with this track on repeat.
It's my Goddamned National Anthem right now...
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'One Eye Closed' is a catchy and challenging avant-pop record composed, performed, recorded and produced by musical virtuoso Kat Hunter through a three-year DIY process.

With this first release, Hunter instantly proves herself as a talented composer/producer who isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Stylistically, her math-inspired experimental pop weaves between soaring Thom Yorke-esque vocals, complemented by dense instrumentation and triggered brass comparable to the likes of Joanna Newsom and late-era Bon Iver.

Hiding under the fluttering harmonies, every listen bears something new to find – you could find yourself stunned by the towering highs and smooth lows of her vocal range; losing yourself in the orchestral piano compositions or even appreciative of the unusual drumming as you try to tap out the beats on your leg.

Continuing on this trajectory, Lack The Low will almost certainly be on end-of-year avant-pop lists – and is well within reach of creating a critical masterpiece in the near future.


released April 19, 2018

All tracks written, produced, recorded and mixed by Kat Hunter
Mastering and additional vocal mixing by Becki Whitton

Kat Hunter: vocals, piano, organ, guitar, violin, cello, alto saxophone, banjo, electronics
Bobby Eggleston: drums

Catherine Keely: double bass (tracks 3, 4, 5, 7)
Bruno Siketa: trumpet, cornet (tracks 2, 6, 7, 8)
Daniel Parsons-Jones: additional trumpet (track 2)
Evgeny Chebykin: french horn (tracks 2, 6, 7)
Basil Rizopoulos: trombone (tracks 2, 6)
Tim Huddleston: tuba (tracks 2, 6)


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Lack The Low Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Do Your Worst
If you had asked a year ago if I would ever be so cut-throat
One look would have told you, “no”

People might lead you to believe
The answers lie in community, like we are all sheep
But truthfully: we are all alone

I look up at you
I don’t know if you see me through the glass
I don’t know if you want me to do your worst for you
To do your worst things for you
To do your worst for you
Track Name: Progress
Stuck making progress
I’m on a line to life in the slipstream
I will be gone soon
Birds might fly backwards when we’re at this speed
Hold onto your hats; we are approaching being stuck making progress…

I’ve been thinking that it’s time for me to do what I’ve been saying I’d do for so long.

(Why can’t you just go out and do better!? Why can’t you just show up and do better!?)

Don’t care if it hurts
‘Cause standing still makes it worse.
Track Name: Futureheavy
Sometimes the future is so heavy I’m flying under
Wouldn’t it be nice to think that it will all work out for us?

Don’t look down: the presentfuturepast is all firing at once!
Don’t need faith: the drift is something we can only know with one eye closed.

Strength of will means nothing
Seas will rise under a pixeled sunset.
So come on, open up! Be here in the now and make food for your neighbour.
Track Name: The Daylight Is All Inside
Dislocate words that don’t bite and/or try/buy new ones
Trying to find the “true voice”, but it’s sewn onto the lips of others
Why must I play the game in which I must strain to get them all to come along?
Why must my voice be elsewhere?
My heart be elsewhere?
My mind be elsewhere?

I must let my heart decide.
I must let my mind decide.
The pathways are all inside
The stop signs are all inside
The gardens are all inside
The daylight is all inside
Track Name: It Did, I Can't
Don’t you think it’s time for you to stop living in my solitude?
I know as I move on from this some part of me has to forgive… I know another part of me that won’t
And I know what happened was revenge and I don’t dare to second-guess what vendetta you had back then
But since then I have realised (though you were so deeply unkind), it might not have even crossed your mind at all…

Like you might not have cared, or it might not have mattered…

Don’t you think it’s time for you stop feeling so entitled to the hearts of those who let you down?
Isn’t it time you reviewed that solipsistic attitude no-one will want to be around?
And can’t you see that it’s not right to go on and objectify the ones you should be standing by?
‘Cause if you’d taken one look in my eyes you would have seen that I wasn’t really there the whole time.

You might not have seen. You might not have noticed.
You might not recall. You might have forgotten…
Track Name: Seven Different Species
Cut grass and birds of seven different species greet me
Is this my reward for getting up this early?
In the suburbs where the leaves are just one colour and the children play on concrete and as the sun grows it gets warmer and… Where are you?

Don’t scream
Don’t shout
Don’t mess around or ride with strangers
Don’t ask questions why or open doors to darker places
Who’ll sell lemonade outside the park on holidays?
Who’ll hold my hand to cross the road and get me through my growing pains?
Where are you?

Ride the bus to work and sit and turn on your computer
Finally, we can hold our heads high looking to the future!
Now time is measured by a circle on the wall and light is turned on by a switch and heat now comes in through the floors… And where are you?

Darling, you have all you need to get by on your own now
You’ve jumped through the hoops and I know soon you’ll make us all proud…
But don’t you ever, for a second, think it’s better to be living on the outside; we are stronger here together… and where are you?
Track Name: God Knows Why
How dare there not be silence
How dare this not be the only news for the whole week
How dare there not be people lining the streets
What might it take to take this seriously!?

Why can’t we see how we all write the lines of each other’s eulogies?
Keep your head up and you might just make it after all.

Today you won’t wear makeup
You’ll tell your workmates you got caught in the rain
You won’t hear when your boss is calling your name
And you know it behooves you not to complain
But when you go home a door closes, windows open and the day’s so warm!!
Turn the radio on… and you might just make it after all.

When I see the face of who I would become
If six years ago I’d take a different turn
And I think of all the things I would have done
and of all the things I now will never learn

To feel heart-ache for a non-existent self
For the people that I shed and kissed goodbye
For the feelings I put up upon the shelf
And a life I left behind and god knows why and I know why.

With the strength it takes to finally let go
Of beliefs I held since I was just a child
Now it’s safe to be all open to the world!!
You can love with all your heart and be alright!
You can dream of all the things that you might be
You can work towards your goals and change your life
And it’s not to show those bastards they were wrong:
It’s to live and love and grow and god knows why and I know why.

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